Growth Through People

Proactive Business Development since 1999

Growth Through People?

An increased profit margin. The mastermind behind the new area of business. The specialist who saves the day on a short notice. The companion who makes lunch a bit more enjoyable. The leader who takes the next step.

People make a difference. Big and small. Today, tomorrow and for several future generations.

Our job is to ensure that your organisation has the skill and talent it needs to achieve your long-term business goals.

Proactive Talent Management

We believe that short-term solutions results in long-term problems. That organisations need to consider and value their human capital with the same strategical mindset they apply to their financial capital. We believe a proactive and long-term approach put companies in a position to act, instead of react, on the talent market.

We thrive off co-operation. When we work closely with our customers and are allowed to challenge old notions of skills, capabilities and what it takes to not only achieve, but exceed goals. Together we create the result you want to see.

We Believe Successful Companies Value:


Intrapreneurs have the ability to identify possibilities and the courage to execute initiatives outside of the the company’s primary agenda - but that are vital to their survival. An intrapreneur stands out through an extraordinary ability to organise and create resources, in order to achieve extraordinary results.


Heterogeneous groups are proven to be more effective and innovative than homogeneous ones. Being able to contribute to increasing the diversity of the organisations we cooperate with, is an essential part of our assignment.

7 winners of Intrapreneur of the Year
2009 The award Intrapreneur of the Year was establishedrepreneur of the Year for the first time
46 Average age for winners of Intrapreneur of the Year