Join us

Are you our most important addition? We are always looking for people who want to challenge and develop how the industry views competence.

Do You Envision Yourself:

Developing Business Models and Customer Relationships

You understand how to create value for the customer based on their unique conditions and understand how the business can develop based on new ways of creating value.

Or Carrying out a Cautious Revolution

You are a stickler for details and documentation, but a revolutionary at heart. Curious, yet stealthy. Interested in the progress of data-driven models and the methodology of mapping candidates and industries.

While Being a Social Alchemist

You know how to make things happen, while staying out of the way. You know how to make everyone in a project feel welcome and involved, without letting go of the marching drum.

Our Approach

Knowing when to think outside of the box

Our organisation will go as far as our team takes us. We are driven by finding new ways of working, challenging the truths of yesterday - without losing focus on the current methods that prove to be more effective than others.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Everyone is expected to help out in any and all assignments and nobody is above any task. We are always here for each other. In success, when it could be better and everything in between.

Consider How Individuals Complement the Organisation

Recruitment is our job, but building better organisations is our purpose. We are looking for the smallest components that complement and improve the largest, to create a better organisation.

Do You Feel Like One of Us?

Write a few lines about yourself, why you are interested in us, attach your resumé and we will get back to you as soon as possible.