Employer Branding

Prove your brand’s value to attract the best candidates for your organisation.

Show and Improve Your Value

Brands are not shaped from the corporation’s perspective. They are shaped by the candidate’s. Core values and unique value propositions are not valuable or unique unless the candidates are attracted by them.

Tailor your offer according to what the candidates in your target group is looking for and prove how your values work in practice. From the organisation as a whole, to each department.

Strong companies give their employees more than just a goal: they give them a purpose. Together they work to achieve their goals every day and build a culture that stretches beyond Monday to Friday.

A culture that retains and attracts the right people for your business.


Employer Branding

Build a strong corporate culture
Retain your greatest talents
Attract the right skills

Prove Who You Are

Put action behind your values and give your corporate culture a greater meaning that attracts the best candidates in the market.

Understand How Your Audience Thinks

What are candidates looking for in an employer? We interview potential future employees within your target group to understand how you are perceived and how you can become their first choice.

Retain Your Most Valuable Assets

Do not watch as the company's future leaves through the front door. Understand what your current talents and leaders need to stay, and value your greatest resources.

Our process


Current Situation

What are your own perceptions of your organisation?


Data Collection

We identify and interview candidates to understand their current image of your business.



Today meets tomorrow. How well do your perceptions match the candidates' and what needs to change to increase the overlap?



We compile insights and recommend activities you can implement to improve your market position.

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