Talent Pool

Make sure your company has the skills it needs to excel today, tomorrow and in 12 months.

Proactive Recruitment

Change happens, whether we welcome it or not. People can suddenly change workplaces and markets can change direction in an instant. You can’t control change. You can only control how your business manages it.

By evaluating your current skills, strategic as well as operational, and identifying which ones may be needed in the future, you can provide the best possible conditions for managing change.

Create a long-term talent pool with external and internal candidates to ensure your business always has the skills it needs to grow.


A Talent Pool Gives You the Opportunity To:

Identify which skills the company has today.
Analyse which business critical skills it needs to be successful in the short and long term.
Hire the right candidates for your activities from the talent pool when a service is opened.
Create success profiles for desirable talents and associate them with your talent pool.
Manage change

Risk-Minimised Recruiting

Create a long-term plan for your resources, build a talent buffer and make sure you always know who is ready to start making a difference for your business.

A Living, Breathing Brand

By developing a positive relationship with relevant potential candidates, you also create a dynamic and authentic branding tool.

Create Conditions For the Unexpected

Building relationships with talents outside of live recruitment situations gives you the opportunity to discover new skill-sets, areas of business or operational processes.

Our process



Which skills do you have today? Define which business critical individuals are needed to achieve your long-term goals.


Success Profile

What skill-sets are we looking for? With the help of successful profiles, we look beyond the traditional requirement profiles and build a meaningful talent pool.


Designing the Talent Pool

Establish a strong and transparent relationship with today's and the future's key employees and make sure they are ready to be activated when the opportunity arrives.


Relationship Maintenance

Together, we design an activity plan to maintain your relationship with the candidates.

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