Succession Planning

Find and develop the key people of the future, today.

Let the Future Prepare For You.

Generational changes are a wake up call. When a CEO, founder, owner or several key people in the company begin to plan their future without the company, it is important to have a clear and long-term strategy to find and develop the company's future leaders, in place.

We Have Your Future in Mind.

We have the tools, knowledge and support you need to design and implement an effective strategy for the future. Careful and continuous evaluation of internal and external candidates creates a clear picture of the skills you can start developing today; and the skills you may need to recruit externally.

Do Not Let Chance Be in Charge

The right candidate might be sitting in your accounting department, or in a key position at a different company in a different industry. The right candidate and you see envision the same future for your company, but from different points of view. Consequently, we find it useful to use a unique point of view to evaluate candidates.

A tool that answers the core question in succession strategy is Capability Match, a method where we evaluate candidates ability to handle complexity over time, to understand how well they can perform and develop in a potential position.


Let the Right People Recruit You

The right people do not need to be recruited. They recruit you. Help your talents grow and make sure the right people are looking for you in the future.

Secure Your Future

Let change be something you create, not something that happens to you. With a clear picture of the company's internal and external candidates, we make sure your future is in the right hands.

Sustain and Increase Your Value

Companies do not create results, people do. We help you retain and value your most important assets.

Our process


Assessment of Current and Future Situation

Which skills do we have today and which will we need in the future?

By comparing current skills and leadership profiles with the long-term business plan, we create an understanding of how a talent pool will be designed.


Success Profiles

What qualities and abilities do the people we need to achieve the company's goals, have?


Succession Strategy

Develop and evaluate internal talents, as well as plan for the recruitment of the missing skills.

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