Target Group Analysis

See your company from the candidate’s point of view and learn how you can improve your offer accordingly.

How Are You Actually Doing?

It is clear what you are looking for. The key that opens the door to the new business area, or the star that helps you take on more promising projects. But before you can find the skills you are looking for, you must get a clear picture of your, and the market's, conditions.

It’s the Candidate's Market

When choosing employers, candidates take factors such as salary, immediate manager and corporate culture, into account. They have worked for your competitors for several years, for another company in your industry’s food chain or a major player in a nearby industry.

When they tell you what an attractive offer looks like, you should listen.

A Target Group analysis provides the best possible conditions for finding the skills you need by analysing:

  • What candidates value when choosing employers
  • How many relevant candidates are on the market
  • How candidates view your company
  • VWhat changes you can make to attract the skills you seek.

Improve Your Offer

You will not find your actual market position in an industry report. Listen to what the candidates say about your specific market and adapt your offer to suit their needs.

Paint the Right Picture of Your Company on All Levels

Each department reflects its own image of the company's culture. By analysing the local working environment, we make sure the image is always attractive to candidates.

Recruit Realistically

A recruitment should be profitable, not costly. We help you to put realistic expectations on your recruitment.

Our process


Project Scope and Definition

What skills are you looking for?

Where are you looking for it, and why? How do you communicate your offer today?


Data- and Market Analysis

Interviews with candidates in your target market, zooming in on brand knowledge, salary statistics specific to your section of the market, and how roles are designed at your competitors.


Insight Report

A clear picture of the skills market and how you can maximise your current position on it.

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