Second Opinion

Can you trust your gut feeling?

Put Facts Over Feelings

Everything can feel just right. The candidate's resumé meets your expectations, the answers to your interview questions are well formulated and seem honest. But can you trust your gut feeling?

Feelings can give you an idea of how a candidate can perform in his intended role. A thorough evaluation process gives you a solid foundation that allows you to create a clear picture of the candidate and predict its future. A foundation that shows whether your gut is correct, or totally misleading.

An Entire Process, or Selected Parts?

The choice is yours. We support you no matter how much help you need in the evaluation process to investigate whether you can trust your gut feeling or not.

Evaluate your candidate’s:

  • Strategic ability
  • Personality and motivation
  • Track record based on personal references
  • Background and possible criminal records

Take Your Gut Out of The Equation

Using a scientific foundation is a known risk minimiser in recruitment.

Keep Office Politics Out of It

Internal recruitment can be treacherous at times. Important questions are missed and personal relationships come into the picture. We make sure no questions are left unanswered.

We Will Not Say What You Want to Hear

We say what you need to hear. If we don’t believe the evaluated candidates can make a difference for your business, we will be the first to tell you.

Our process


Collection of Data

Referrals, interviews, and / or tests are conducted depending on the scope of the assignment.



The result is compiled and compared to your long-term business goals and the intended position.


Follow-Up Report

Insights and recommendations from the analysis are compiled in a report as a follow-up.

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