Av Freja Oldeen | 2019-08-29

Insight & Foresight Director to PwC Experience Center

About PwC EC 

EC Stockholm is where British industrial designers mingle with UX guys and gals from the start-up scene. Here you’ll find singing designers, creative insight specialists, Danish influencers, climbers turned storytellers and storytellers turned dancers. This is the place where great minds come together. Are you one of them?

PwC are obsessed with their mission to save the world from empty promises and bad experiences. This is what gets them up in morning. In their house, they give direction to brands and create the experiences that define them. PwC innovate and design product and service solutions that engage and excite.


The role

You will head the Insight & Foresight team, a team that works devotedly to understand the customer experience and the underlying drivers, needs and frustrations of today that can be turned into better experiences tomorrow. Together with the cross-functional teams of strategists and designers, the Insight and foresight team creates better experiences that lead to more valuable businesses for their clients.


Duties & responsibilities:

Team lead:

  • You will lead the Insight & Foresight team with full responsibility for 4 ambitious and professional experts and specialist.
  • Coaching and mentoring to enhance team performance.
  • Use your experience and initiative to develop more efficient ways for the team to perform their tasks and projects.
  • Collaborate with other team leaders to drive and develop EC Stockholm’s offerings and products.

Insight & Foresight Expert:

  • Independently lead the insight phase in projects (that could be anything from branding, strategic innovation to experience design)
  • Conducting ethnographic research (in-depth interviews and observations) as well as moderating focus groups and prototyping sessions with end-users.
  • Trend analysis, studying macro and micro trends, by reading, observing, interviewing, using trend data bases and continuously updating yourself on the subject.
  • You will be client facing, presenting reports and findings, as well as consulting in how to set-up research in the best way
  • You will be responsible of purchasing research and recruitment services within the scope of each project.


Who and what we are looking for:

Most important is your mindset: Devoted, creative, problem-solving and collaborative. You must be a real behavioural scientist and/or ethnographer, who understands and is curious about different cultures and the human mind.

You need excellent interpersonal and leadership skills as well as written and verbal communication skills and a dedication to develop yourself and others.

We are looking for someone with skills in qualitative research methodology (could be conducting in-depth interviews, ethnographic research, user experience, focus group moderation etc.), as well as a good understanding of quantitative research. Attention to detail and an analytical mind and an ability to turn complex thinking and analytics into understandable analysis and concrete recommendations.

A storyteller mind-set: great capabilities to use words and pictures to create visual presentations in PowerPoint or Keynote and turning data and interviews into actionable insights. Ability to work in high-pressure and fast-moving environments. Organized, with systems for managing time, project teams and your own insight & foresight team.


You need:

  • Relevant Bachelor degree
  • Preferably 7 years or more of working experience within the field
  • Leadership experience
  • Excellent skills in English and Swedish.

Sound tempting? For more information contact Mio Takahashi mio@talentia.se

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