our investments

Talentia invests in several exciting tech companies with high growth potential and are active investors. There are severals purposes with our investments, e.g.:

* They enable us, directly and indirectly, to improve our operations, delivery and offers, thanks to access to several valuable tools.

* They provide us with an opportunity to act as advisors in the fields of recruitment, assessment, HR DD as well business development – tapping in on our own experiences from running Talentia for near 20 years.

* We maintain a connection to the startup scene in Stockholm, thus expanding our network among digital profiles (developers, CPOs, CDOs, CTOs, etc).

We invest primarily in early stages.

Talentia's current investments:

Appjobs is a global gig economy platform that connects freelancers with job opportunities from local and global companies such as Uber, Foodora and TaskRabbit.

Display Ad Generator
Display Ad Generator is a digital advertising tool where users can design stunning display ads, in all popular ad formats, at a fraction of the time it takes to produce the ads manually.

Goava is a sales intelligence tool that uses Big Data and AI to generate relevant business insights.