Advice and insights for when leaders make the difference

Advice, analyzes and decision support

Key recruitments, board appointments or acquisitions and mergers - we assist with advice, analyzes and decision-making materials for strategic decisions where the leader's ability is the decisive difference between success or failure.


Insights from decades of research and practice

During our 25-year history of helping businesses navigate strategic decisions and create the most value possible, we have continuously developed our knowledge base with theories, methods and data-driven insights. This has led to the Talentia model™ which we use in combination with interviews, cognitive tests and supplementary data collection through, for example, reference taking and background checks.


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We help you with

Board Services

Board members   that meet and exceed the unique   the requirements within each industry

Management Review

Transparency at management level for future value creation

HR Due Dilligence

Evaluation of key individuals in connection with acquisitions and mergers

Second opinion

An objective and professional
second opinion before critical recruitment decisions


Tailored strategies to identify and develop the next generation of leaders.