Executive Search

We identify leaders with the ability to handle the degrees of complexity that leadership positions require and who make a difference with their execution power

We start by understanding your organization

In order to find and distinguish the leaders who can create value for your business, we first need to understand your ambition and what ability is required to move you towards your long-term goals. How your context looks affects the complexity of the task and role. How "big" is the role? What strategic height is required? What kind of leader does your business really need? Talentia Executive can help you address critical issues and formulate a strategy to get where you want to go. Together with accepted parameters such as education, industry knowledge and expertise, your strategy and the role's level of complexity affect how the requirements profile should look.. 

Digital methods, large networks and deep relationships

We believe in putting our power where it has the greatest effect, therefore the first part of our search work is optimized through digital tools, efficient algorithms and industry-changing software. This is then combined with active headhunting and our large networks in a variety of industries where we have deep relationships with owners, management teams and boards. Our approach means that we often find unexpected opportunities and unique candidates.

We identify leaders who make a difference

With the Talentia model™ as a starting point, we can distinguish individuals with the ability to handle the complexity that the role requires and the execution power that means they will make a difference as leaders within your particular business. We assess our efforts as a recruitment partner based on the value created for your business, not based on the number of candidates we present. Our approach also ensures an inclusive and equal recruitment process that highlights real performance and actively counteracts any bias.


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