Our Model

We have developed a unique knowledge of what enables businesses and individuals to make a real difference - we have collected our insights in the Talentia model™


Decades of research and practice gathered in one model

During Talentia's 25-year history, our knowledge base has continuously developed with theories, methods and data-driven insights into how businesses and individuals reach their full potential. This has led to the Talentia model™ - a model that highlights crucial perspectives for businesses and individuals to be able to create as much value as possible.


It's about levels of complexity and execution power.

Roles and tasks in an organization are variously complex in nature. In order for individuals to succeed in a specific role, they need to have the ability to handle the complexity that the role entails. But to really make a difference, you also need the ability to see new paths to results and to go goal-oriented from words to action - we call this in our model execution power.

We have evaluated thousands of individuals and know what experiences and behaviors are the foundation of extraordinary executive power.


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 Example from the Talentia model™

Talentiamodellen - modell

The Talentia model™ combines theoretical frameworks (Jaques & Cason 1994 with Pinchot II 1985, 1994, 1999) with Talentia Executive's data from 25 years of recruitment, analysis of 1000's of proven intrapreneurs and longitudinal follow-up of 1000's of young talents.