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We help you recruit leaders, not bosses. 

We recruit those who lead, convey visions and motivate their employees, factors which are not always visible on a CV. We evaluate individuals' suitability and potential based on their ability, motivation, and competence. The competition for the foremost and most experienced leaders is fierce and therefore we always look beyond to find the most suitable leaders for your organisation.

Our consultants identify your strategic goals and your organisational culture and tailor our process to your conditions. To make our process all the more successful, we are constantly working to make our recruitment process as equal and inclusive as possible. Through our research-based approach, we map actual results and not only eliminate the risk of prejudice and bias in all parts of the process, but also create more complete talent pools for our customers. We can then find and attract candidates with backgrounds, skills, and experience that you lack within your organization. We can help you create a more diversity-faceted and equal staff, which in turn creates a stronger workforce. The company's image, brand and workforce are stronger when the recruitment process of candidates starts off at the right foot


Talentia has worked with recruitment for over 20 years and thus has a long and solid experience of recruitment in a number of industries. Since we have been active for over 20 years, we have during that time been able to follow the development and careers of candidates. This is how we have built up an extensive level of knowledge regarding ability, motivation, and competence among leaders. For you as an owner or board member, we have unique insights about candidates who have proven to be value creators, as well as what it is specifically that makes them value-creating. By combining our existing internal network and a mapping of potential candidates based on your wishes, we are sure to find the right leader for you. In addition, as Sweden's representative for InterSearch, we have 90 offices in 50 countries. With a combined experience of 40 years in recruitment and a global candidate network, we are confident that we will always offer you the most optimal candidate. We have extensive experience of international recruitment processes and are ready to look beyond Sweden's borders in order to find the best possible candidate.


Our process ensures that we understand both you and the industry's dynamics and based on this we can attract the right talent for your organisation. Talentia also works proactively and we are constantly working to expand our already extensive network. This network gives us an edge before the recruitment process has even begun. We know what candidates’ value when choosing an employer and can through that expertise help you become a more attractive employer.


In certain moments of time, more is at stake than usual. If you invest in a person or a business, you want to feel confident that your evaluation has been done according to all the best methods. We assess potential candidates against the requirements that have been set. These assessments are based on proven methodology where in-depth interviews and references are combined with psychometric tests. Through our evaluation of candidates, we look at the level of complexity they can handle in relation to the intended position. Matching a candidate with the complexity that the intended position entails has several advantages. Among other things, the productivity of the employee increases while the need for micromanagement decreases. Stress and frustration are also reduced among the employees as they do not feel that they have tasks that are too complex or too simple to handle. We can also help you with your succession strategy by developing and evaluating internal talents and planning for the recruitment of the skills that are lacking within your organisation.

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Intrapreneurship, Leadership and, Executive Search

We at Talentia are passionate about intrapreneurship as we believe that intrapreneurship is of the utmost importance for competitive companies that want to be at the forefront in their field and to constantly be developing. An intrapreneur has the ability and courage to lead, and through these changes create value for their organisation. Our goal during an Executive Search is to identify leaders who understand the importance of intrapreneurship and can create the conditions within an organization for intrapreneurs in which to thrive. The right leadership is essential for intrapreneurial structures to be applied where employees are given opportunities and tools to take initiative and thereby lead innovation. By encouraging intrapreneurs, a leader can create great value within their organisation and achieve better results.

We at Talentia are passionate about intrapreneurship and have since 2009 awarded the prize "Intrapreneur of the Year".

When is an Executive Search firm needed?

Most often, Executive Search may be needed when recruiting people and leaders who possess specific or elusive skills. Executive Search can also often be needed for recruitment assignments that due to various reasons must be kept confidential. In these cases, it may for example be a replacement of an existing employee or the start-up of a new business area that should be kept hidden from competitors.

What are the benefits of Executive Search?

By using an external Executive Search firm, you ensure the quality of your recruitment. In addition, in this way you can reach out to passive candidates who may be perfect for your organisation, but who are currently not actively looking for a new position. Using an Executive Search company is also time efficient, as you only need to spend time on the very best candidates that we cater to. By letting us run your Executive Search, you also get access to our solid network that we have built up after over 20 years in the industry.

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