HR Due Diligence &
Management Audit

Evaluate management teams and key individuals during critical phases.

Management Audit

Who is Sitting Behind the Wheel?

When long-term goals are not met, and the result for the year is below expectations, the management team are not the only ones who should be held responsible. But this is where you will need to start

Does the group have the skills and ability your organisation needs to grow? Is the group’s dynamic optimal?

Management Audits show management team’s:


Determine the group's capabilities, strengths and shortcomings in relation to the company's goals.
Identify who is ready for a greater challenge and who you need to nurture and develop.

Look Past the Numbers

Long-term goals are nothing without the people capable of reaching them. We map company’s key individuals in cases of mergers and acquisitions to ensure their resumés weigh as much in practice, as they do on paper.

Take Your Team’s Temperature

Does your management team have the prerequisites they need to reach your goals? We help you understand how each individual works and generate insights about the group's dynamics.

Minimise Business Risks

Evaluate management teams as carefully as you would review financial statements.

Our process


Problem Definition

Is the current management team not meeting your long-term goals, or do you want to evaluate your future management team before a potential merger or acquisition?


Data Collection

We interview and test the management team members, and possibly other key people, to chart their ability, personality and potential.



The basis of data collection is linked to your current organisational structure and long-term business goals.



We compile insights and recommendations for any structural changes of your management team - or a recommendation for, or against, a proposed acquisition.

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