Short term solutions with long term effects

Filling Temporary Gaps in Leadership.

The reorganisation that leaves the business division headless. The CFO who just signed, but won't be onboard for another four months Suddenly, the company is short of one or more key individuals to keep business running as usual.

Talentia's interim consultants are a short-term solution that has a long-term effect for your business during:

Temporary vacancies as a result of restructurings and ownership shifts.
Hiring freezes for when the show must go on.
Hiring freezes for when the show must go on.

Full- or Part time?

Weeks, months or years? The choice is yours. Our consultants are available full-time and part-time over short, as long periods.

Results From Day One

Our consultants are recruited to quickly understand your business and their new role in order to create positive results.

Manning the steering wheel

When managers or other people with critical skills leave the company at short notice, we make sure that your most important functions work as usual.

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