Recruit individuals who create the right conditions for success.

We Do Not Recruit Resumés

We do not recruit the specialist, middle manager or CEO with the most obvious list of credentials. We recruit the people many do not have the time, patience, or courage to discover.

Each assignment has its unique challenges. Therefore, we use the same extensive search process to find your company's next CEO, or system architect.

We have helped companies in industries with extreme labour shortages to fill critical roles, since 1999. This experience has proven to be invaluable, and has given us the tools to deliver successful results in a wide range of industries.


Theory, Experience and a Pinch of Creativity

Successful recruitment requires the right priorities. Talentia's consultants:

Understand the dynamics of your organisation, and industry
Create a clear picture of the candidate market.
Design detailed success profiles for candidates.
Use their wide network of exceptional candidates.
Dare to recruit candidates who make a difference.

Take Your Recruitment Personally

Improving your business is our business. We understand what qualities and capabilities are good in theory and which makes a difference in practice.

Recruit More Than You Expected

We understand the value of not being content with the ordinary. Therefore, we are searching among expected and unexpected candidates to find extraordinary people.

Search Without Limits

As members of the Executive Search Network InterSearch, we have 90 offices in over 50 countries.

Our process


Success Profile

What characteristics and results do we expect from the candidate?


Mapping and Contact

Insights on the competence market: where are the candidates we are looking for?


Evaluation and Presentation

We identify and evaluate the most promising candidates and introduce them to you.



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